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Welcome Lean Launchers

(And digital dropouts)

Are you looking for a digital guide for your business?


We teach foundational digital skills & concepts to busy entrepreneurs in CT and beyond.

Are you an entrepreneur with an I can learn this attitude? Do you want to stop talking about what you need to do and just get it done? Yeah, you’re smart. You might even be an evil genius, but you’ve got some digital' ‘gaps’. You need to know foundational digital skills & principles because you can’t afford to hire the big guns. (Yet). It’s ‘lean launch’ you against the world.

Here’s how Greenwich-based NEST New Media can help.


Welcome to the NEST.

Are you ready to hatch?

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Get-it-done digital building blocks & custom help sessions designed for busy entrepreneurs.

Meet with our founder and team, or with one of our vetted NEST Experts in person or via ZOOM
One on One / Semi-Private **** Small groups of 3-6

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Basic Website SEO Concepts

Simple tools and guidelines to help you focus on building a solid SEO foundation for your website.


LinkedIn Basics & Productivity

Feather your LinkedIn ‘nest’. Make it pretty, but more importantly, make it work.

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Optimized Google My Business

Google rules the small business roost like a benevolent dictator. We’ll help you play in their sandbox.



A La Carte Skills

What do you need to know? Miscellanea.
Tips & tricks.
Tools & resources.

Savvy entrepreneurs are perpetual learners, developing new skills all the time. Their goal is often understanding vs. mastery - so they can apply their knowledge to new situations and manage outsourced solutions. NEST New Media helps by delivering minimum viable knowledge, local experts, tools, worksheets, and deliverables.
— The new lean launch approach - Guided DIY


NEST New Media is a place where local experts can share what they know with fellow entrepreneurs & solopreneurs.

An early stage internet start up back in 2000 launched my love affair with online marketing, development & community building.

Many jobs and businesses later, I found myself with a vast skill set in web ‘stuff’. I was, and am, the go-to person for friends looking to launch a business.

A grasp of the larger digital picture is critical for a lean launch entrepreneur, especially solopreneurs who are doing everything themselves. I strongly believe in ‘teaching an entrepreneur to fish’.

We can help small businesses strategically assess, choose & use digital platforms to improve and streamline processes and save time.

NEST experts offer patient and thoughtful in-person and online training, education & support, teaching what you NEED TO KNOW to start & grow your business. The team and I are here to help.

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