LinkedIn Topics & Workshops


LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Digital Dropouts

(these workshops are not for job seekers)

All topics & workshops are customizable & available as a 1:1 private session, a 2 person semi-private session, or as a small class with 3-6 learners. Rate information is available here.

LinkedIn 101
Basics: Profile Set Up
Why are you on LinkedIn?

  • Choosing a Custom URL

  • What’s a “nickname?“

  • Head shot fixes

  • Dealing with Duplicate profiles

  • The Critical Headline - write to sell

  • Incorporating Keywords - the three keys

  • Privacy Settings

  • Notification Settings

LinkedIn 102
Basics: Visual Presentation

Why are you on LinkedIn?

  • Custom Cover Image

  • Formatting Tricks

  • The Critical Headline

  • Connecting to Company Pages

  • Adding Work Examples (links/media/video)

  • Following - Groups | Companies | Schools

  • Endorsements | Recommendations

  • Volunteer Experience

Fun Workshop - Creating a Custom Background for your Personal LinkedIn profile and / or Business page!

We’ll spend an hour setting you up on Picmonkey or Canva, creating images you can use and edit over and over as needed. Show you the ropes on the fun cloud-based editing tools and get your profiles looking super professional. You’ll be on your way to managing your graphics and wowing your LinkedIn (and other) audiences.


LinkedIn 103
Basics: Connecting & Searching
Why are you on Linkedin?

  • Setting a Connecting Strategy - network building with a purpose

  • Search tools and tips

  • Mobile vs. Desktop

  • Connecting Etiquette - sending & receiving

  • The Dangers of Auto-Connect

LinkedIn 104
Basics: Posting, Mentions, Hashtags
Why are you on LinkedIn?

  • Why Post?

  • Posting with a purpose

  • Identifying your prime topic & expertise

  • Good post/bad post

  • Sharing vs. Original Content

  • @Mentions - individuals and companies
    Including #Hashtags

LinkedIn 105
Basics: Daily Engagement Routine
Why are you on LinkedIn?

  • Setting a Strategy & Purpose

  • Setting a 10-15 minute daily routine

  • Like, Comment, Share, Create

  • Amplify your engagement

  • Finding your target audience

  • Commenting on Posts vs. in Groups

Advanced Topics & Skills:

  1. Publishing Articles - Pulse

  2. Lead Generating Techniques

  3. Custom Cover Images

LinkedIn - Custom Consultation
What do you need to know? 1:1 Profile Review