I created NEST New Media as a place where local experts can share what they know with fellow entrepreneurs & solopreneurs. We’re warm and fuzzy and we’re here to help.

About Me

An early stage internet start up back in 2000 launched my love affair with online marketing, development & community building.

Many jobs and businesses later, I found myself with a vast skill set in web ‘stuff’ but no deep expert status in any single thing. I was, and am, the go-to person for friends looking to launch a business.

A grasp of the larger digital picture is critical for a lean launch entrepreneur, especially solopreneurs who are doing everything themselves. I strongly believe in ‘teaching an entrepreneur to fish’.

With just a little bit of expert knowledge, they can strategically assess, choose & use digital platforms.

NEST experts offer patient and thoughtful in-person and online training, education & support, teaching what you NEED TO KNOW to start & grow your business. The team and I are here to help.